Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How much do the classes cost?
A:  The classes are free of charge for cancer survivors and their partners.

Q:   What are the requirements to participate?
A:   You must sign a waiver stating that you are a cancer survivor and that you are physically capable of  participating in dance class.

Q:   Why dance?
A:   Try it and you'll see; but, in the meantime, see our "Benefits of  Dance"  page for more information.

Q:   What kind of shoes should I wear?
A:   Don't wear tennis shoes or any shoes with a rubber sole (they make it difficult to turn); instead, wear shoes with leather soles.   Be sure that the shoes fit snugly around your feet and that you're not wearing mules or shoes that your feet may slide out of.

Q:   What kind of clothing should I wear?
A:   Wear something comfortable.

Q:   Do I need a partner?
A:   Yes.   Some members will not be as strong as others and we don't want to rotate partners more than necessary.

Q:   Do I need a sense of rhythm?
A:   Absolutely not.  But you do need a sense of humor!

Q:   What kind of dances will I learn?
A:   Right now we're studying Rhumba.   Other classes may be added as students indicate a particular interest.

Q:   How long will it take me to learn to dance?
A:   We'll have you out on the dance floor right away.   All the rest is just fine-tuning.

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