Life Dances On  is an introduction to social dancing that is free of charge for cancer survivors and their partners.  Dancing relieves stress, reduces tension, promotes self-confidence and is a great outlet for communicating feelings.  Dancing can help you reconnect with your spouse and introduce you to a caring network of friends who understand the issues you face and the hurdles you’ve overcome.

We start out with learning the basic social dance steps, patterns and motions.  If you don’t have any background in dance and have no sense of rhythm, that’s not a problem; nobody is going to judge you.  Just relax, have fun and meet new people.

We've toned down the traditional push and pull of lead and follow, and have modified the leads so that the lady can turn without raising her hand high over her head.  We work with what you can do in terms of strength, flexibility and balance.

All of these things improve with dance, and the more you dance, the more they improve.  We keep the patterns simple, so there’s not a lot to memorize.   As you practice the dances, you develop muscle memory and rhythm.  Remember:  you’re not doing anything wrong -- it’s just a variation.

Life Dances On!    Join the dance . . . because you can!

Life Dances On is a non-profit charity offering recovering cancer survivors the following:

Free social dancing lessons;

A way to reconnect to their loved ones;

A life affirming and different activity;

A chance to become the envy of your friends and neighbors; and

A means of meeting new people who care and understand.


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